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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
End of an Era?
I'e decided to forego the F*ckin' Idiots! blog for a new moblog from the NYC subway system. Subtext is a much better read and more fun for me to write. Enjoy.
Friday, January 09, 2004
Suspect Calls For Help When Stolen Truck Gets Flat Tire
Steal truck, get flat, call cops. Nice.
The S factor explains Bush's popularity
The S factor explains Bush's popularity is an entirely different view on a F*ckin' Idiot. This article is intelligent, articulate and accurate. If we all band together, we can squash the "S Factor".
Saturday, December 27, 2003
Triple Threat
Last item in this article is a criminal so dumb that he incriminated himself THREE TIMES for different crimes. In two of the cases he presented ID before robbing the clerk at gun point.

This article is a strange assortment of stuff, but there is a bonus right above the dumb criminal story... Apparently Louisiana is cracking down on illegal florists. Good for them.
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Designer Drugs Need to be Dry Cleaned
This F*ckin' Idiot sent his coat to the cleaners, but forgot to remove his drug stash. Druggies are not known for their superior intelligence, but they ARE known for being able to account for their drugs. This guy? Forgot he had about $8,000 worth in his coat. Nice work.
Thursday, December 18, 2003
Wrong or Wright?
A lot of people are saying that "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Wright" after two attempts to replicate their original flight failed. I disagree with the cynicism. (Yes, Matt, you heard me right.) I think that this just goes to show how ingenious they were and how hard they had to work to prove those first few flights.

Kudos to the Wright Brothers - let's tag the naysayers as F*ckin' Idiots.
Sunday, December 14, 2003
Crook Loses Appeal Filed on Grounds of Stupidity
Is this the "dumbest crook of the year? The local district attorney thinks so, but those of us here at F*ckin' Idiots know better. This guy is up there, but not the dumbest. He tried to rob the same teller that had, moments earlier, refused to cash his check. Then he pleaded that the stupidity of his crime proves he was drunk and, therefore, not responsible.

I got drunk last night at a friend's holiday party. I was completely responsible for my irresponsible acts.
SADDAM HUSSEIN - Living in Holes
I have to give a big F*ckin' Idiot shout out to Saddam Hussein. You all (all three of you) know that he was captured by coalition forces - but that does not make him a F*ckin' Idiot. One of the two most wanted men on the planet, with tons of connections and power in certain circles, was hiding where? In a hole under a farm. We'd all been thinking that he fled to another Arab country to set up shop again, but meanwhile, he was barely surviving.

He's to you, you F*ckin' Idiot!
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Travolta: Urban Space Cowboy
NASA's recent problems with exploding shuttles, scrapped missions, cost overruns and dwindling budget have left it rather desperate. Apparently this desperation is so severe that they have invited John Travolta to be the first "celebrity in space" and possibly be a space pilot. Rumor has it that this invitation is not just for a passenger flight, but for the Urban Cowboy to pilot a craft.

As stupid as this all sounds, Travolta is a proven pilot (proven to scare the crap out of Hollywood neighbors with low fly-overs in his private jet) and a little celebrity press for NASA couldn't hurt. So who is the F*ckin' Idiot here? Travolta, of course. He is worried that he won't be able to get five months off from Hollywood to train. HELLO?!? Mr. Travolta?!? How much cash do you have? Turn down that bad role in a sequel to Phenomenon or Michael and get the hell over to NASA, ASAP! Fool.

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